New Car…Toon-Up!

We missed you, so we made it a good one! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the new April 2012 issue of Playboy magazine!


20 Responses to “New Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. FischStix Says:

    sooo… when are you gonna be off the phone with your boyfriend?

  2. Ya ya i know mom i have alot of after school tutoring this week.. my tutor really knows what he is doing!!!!!! see you when you get home from mass.

  3. So i said to myself what would Marsha do, And yeah well i did it, that little bitch will regret sleeping with my boy friend. Easy Lewis your not sucking on your papa’s penius here less teeth please. Really some men you gotta teach them everything. Anyway

  4. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    It won’t be much longer until he figures out I don’t have large beef curtains and realizes he is giving his first tranny hand job.

  5. Bruce Milton Says:

    I’m getting my headlights and undercarriage inspected right now daddy, next will be my oil.

  6. So,,You want an underwear update do ya??just give me a second here…….

  7. “Ya,hi,it’s me,,,,Maybe you should tell him where it’s at,,,he can’t find it!!!”

  8. what actually happens during March badness contestant phone in stories

  9. A judge for Play Boy Morning Show march badness stories putting the stories to the test.

  10. kevin is king Says:

    Is this really the correct way to take off a fanny pack?

  11. Art Majors learn new finger painting techniques.

  12. billy the kick Says:

    “I’m running about 3 fingers behind.”

  13. March Badness on the go!
    Hurry! up Bobby I am on next for March Badness do me good! So I can win

  14. BREAK TIME !!!

  15. Yes daddy I am learning alot at college. I know stay away from boys they all only want one thing.

  16. I know right! Brianna is such a little slut right! I heard she had a threesome last night…

  17. Kevin and andrea in high school. The rest speaks for itself…….

  18. Masterbating!! Ill call you back

  19. I was having problems with my homework, but I’ve about got it fingered out.

  20. Jason hanahan Says:

    Hold on one second the reception is terrible. I have someone trying to help. A little to the left, try moving in circles.

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