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Tuesday 3/20/12

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Opening today’s show Kevin and Andrea brushed up on the new April issue of Playboy Magazine! Bruno Mars lands on this month’s front cover and is the 10th man to ever be on the front page of Playboy Magazine!  Winner of round one from yesterday’s March Badness “bad girl” stories is Jillisa Lynn!  Her sexual girl on girl action got listeners and viewers very excited! As we continued into round two of March Badness, contestants Megan Curry and Julia Maksimova joined us on the phone. Megan shared her naked skydiving experience with her two best girlfriends and Julia gave a detailed description of her bad girl moment having sex with her married math teacher! Very bad girl!

In the second hour, we spoke with Carrie Matherly the director of retail for Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. A new service has been discovered at the HRH in Las Vegas! Believe it or not a newGet Love brochure has been placed in each room and features erotic items from the resort’s Love Jones Boutique. They range from a peek-a-boo bra to blindfolds, crotchless panties, and rabbit fur handcuffs! There most popular item is said to be vibrating panties with a controller! This is a 24/7 delivery service to your room and is NOT offered in any other hotel! Book your stay at Hard Rock Hotel quick!

Power Hour:

It was a jammed packed power hour today in the mini mansion! Comedian Jamie Kaler was in studio telling his red-head stories making us laugh! Our second round of  March Badness girls were Victoria Vertuga and Tawnie Lynn who also joined us in studio for their “bad girl” story match- up! Tawnie was a gift by her best friend for a threesome, and Victoria decided to get naughty in the back seat of her boyfriends car in his work parking lot! Who will win this round? Tweet us! Shortly after our Lowell down, it was time for comic strip! Jamie gave Victoria and Tawnie each a set of jokes to tell Kevin and Andrea. If they didn’t laugh at their jokes the clothes came off!