Wednesday 3/21/12

Today Andrea started off the show realizing that her fantasy of “Masterobics” the idea of burning calories while masturbating has already been taken! It appears there is a class called “Coregasm” that exists! A great way to kick off our Wednesday morning was with a little March Badness! Alex Lyon and Nicolette Shea joined us over the phone for a round of “bad girl” stories. This head to head matchup was sexy, hot and out of control! Nicolette shared her story about having sex in a convertible with the top down! Then pulled over and finished on the side of the road! What a bad girl! Our second sexy bad girl Nicolette shared her story about having sex with a man she met in the lobby of the hotel where she worked. Her sexy one night stand took place on a random front lawn! Vote for the BADDEST! 323-405-PBMS

Chip Rowe joined us again on the phone and answered some advice questions from listeners. Following Chip we headed into another round of March Badness with two more sexy “bad girl” stories. First we heard Sandy Garza’s detailed story about having sex on a sky scraper and getting escorted out! Secondly, we listened to Jackie Dawn tell us how she seduced her driving instructor during a lesson, which lead to very naughty details! Tweet us your vote for this round!

The Power Hour:

Joining us on the phone for a quick overview about “Ugly Americans” was Natasha Leggero! If you didn’t already know catch it tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30PM ET/PT. In the mini mansion we had the one and only Weird Al Yankovic! Giving us an update on his current life and upcoming events and shows catch Weird Al appearing at The Grammy Museum tomorrow for the stage show! Weird Al also discussed his first full-length studio album Alpocalypse. The first single from the album was the Lady Gaga parody “Perform This Way” parodies of Miley Cyrus “Party In The CIA” and many more!

Ending today’s show with some sexy trivia questions, we had Jamie Lynn and Lindsey Knight join us in studio for a game of Know It Or Show It! Leaving Jamie Lynn stripped to her sexy wife beater and lacy panties, Lindsey Knight remained fully clothed by answering each question correctly! Go Lindsey! However, both girls gave Weird Al a quick “Rock- N- Roll” Boob Flash!

3 Responses to “Wednesday 3/21/12”

  1. Great show! I loved it! it was much better than cats!

  2. Danny Alderson Says:

    i love the morning show on playboy tv and want some more of it

  3. Giacomotto Says:

    I wanna see the Lindsey’s “Rock- N- Roll” Boob Flash Where can I find it???

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