Monday 3/26/12

On today’s show, Kevin and Andrea gave listeners an update on our new wall that has been built! Its official and will not be going anywhere. Somebody hates us. Somebody really really hates us.

Kevin shared the latest version of Piranha 3DD, and it’s definitely worth watching! Check out the wild trailer here. The Weekly Chronicle returned, and we chatted with owner of 420 Specialists, Josh Leibowitz. There’s a new strain of marijuana called “Lin Sanity,” inspired by the New York Knicks’ basketball player Jeremy Lin. This marijuana is a top-selling OG Kush…and Jeremy’s lawyers aren’t happy about it! They’ve issues a cease-and-desist to dispensaries, and if the Lin-branded weed isn’t removed from the menu, there are rumors of some serious repercussions! Luckily, Josh has lots of other great stuff from which to choose.

Heading into March Badness Elite Eight Round 2, Tawnie Lynn and Julia Maksimova shared their second bad girl stories! Tawnie Lynn had sex with her boyfriend while his STEP MOM was in the room, and Julia gown down and dirty with a virtual stranger, in a taxi. Tweet us your vote at @PBMorningShow! After a bit of Good Naked/Bad Naked stories, we dove straight into a fun-filled power hour!

The Power Hour:

We kicked things off with Playmate of the Year 1982, Shannon Lee Tweed! She has a new mobile game that lets you kick groupies’ asses! It’s called Shannon Tweed: Attack of the Groupies and it’s available on iTunes tomorrow. She also shared with us that sex with hubby Gene Simmons continues to get better since marriage! Gene is a lucky man. We got the Five Day Filthy Forecast from sexy Desiree Claire, who gave us the sexual and educational run down. This week is heating up so stay sexy, according to Desiree! And we had more fun playing Truth or Bare with our sexy models Stephanie, Charlie and Desiree! Each girl had to convince Kevin and Andrea which sexy story belonged to them. Who got dirty with another girl in the back of a car, while her BOYFRIEND was driving? Who won a contest by balancing the most CDs on her nipple? If you weren’t listening, you can catch the replay tomorrow morning to find out – 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET.

One Response to “Monday 3/26/12”

  1. Caught “Filthy Forecaster” on the TV show today.

    Let’s get a “Nude” forecaster, as in let’s loose the panties.

    Enough “topless” only segments. Let’s see some naked broads.

    Doing a T&A based bit with the payoff being a girl’s top coming isn’t much of a payoff. Drop the panties. Now that’s a payoff.

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