Tuesday 3/27/12

This morning Kevin and Andrea discussed the return of Mad Men!  Don’t miss an all-new episode of Mad Men this Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.

Uh- oh controversy surrounds The Playboy Morning Show! Someone has taken things completely out of context regarding our show, and was sharing irreverent information! Andrea mentioned, “the reason radio hosts have a lot of listeners is because they say things other people don’t have the balls to say!” If you don’t like it don’t listen!  Thank you to all our supporting callers today we appreciate you! Our tech guy @BadMotherFather was back this week talking Games and Gadgets with us! Google introduced a new item as of yesterday called Google Play. This new item has games, music, movies and books listed under their media section, which allows you to get access through your phone for free. No computer connection is required. 

A new phone designed by TAG Heuer called the MERIDIIST is available for approximately $3700. This fancy phone is an exclusive patented top display that acts like a modern pocket watch, allowing you to view time at a glance and discretely manage incoming calls.

The Power Hour:

March Badness Elite Eight round two continued this morning with Nicolette Shea video chatting us, and Sandy Garza dropping by the studio! Sandy shares her sexy girl on girl action with ex- boyfriend’s hot girl cousin, while Nicolette shared her story when she gave her boyfriend a blowjob in his parent’s room on a boat! Tweet more votes for your favorite “bad girl” story!

Sarah, Jasmine and Sara Sue also joined us in the mini mansion where they demonstrated some blindfolded girl-on-girl action! As they stayed blindfolded the girls put each other in their favorite sex positions! It was one hot mess!

Andrea guided the girls onto our trampoline where they remained sightless while jumping with each other. Once they were clueless of where they were standing the girls scrambled to put their clothes back on! It was a miss match of clothes between the sexy girls!

2 Responses to “Tuesday 3/27/12”

  1. Mike Adams Says:

    Keep up the good work

  2. Mike Adams Says:

    I need a Gina pic. PLEASE

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