Wednesday 3/28/12

This morning Kevin shared his depressing news how he did not win Mega Millions. If it makes you feel any better none of us did! On the phone we talked with Hillel Levin, who wrote “Officer Finnigan” in the new April issue of Playboy. He addressed the topic of good cops going bad! Finnigan was once a highly decorated officer who solved crimes and saved lives, but at some point the Chicago police officer went rogue. If you would like to check out his story see page 94 in the magazine!

Questions were flowing for Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe this morning! Chip tweeted, “I have lubed my brain in preparation to answer listener questions” and he sure did! After hearing some peculiar stories from our callers, our March Badness contestants Jennifer Vaughn and Danielle Robinson joined us on the phone.  Danielle shared her newest bad girl story first when she had sex with her boss at work! However, Jennifer blew her boyfriend in a truck while he was driving! These stories keep getting BADDER! Send your vote to Playboy Morning Show!

The Power Hour:

During The Power Hour, we were happy to welcome Comedian Jo Koy back in the Mini- Mansion! Jo is a regular featured comedian at the world-famous Improv and is also seen weekly as a regular guest on Chelsea Lately. He tours the college circuit nationwide and performs in comedy clubs both in the US and internationally. Check out his Comedy Central special “Lights Out” this Sunday, 10/9c.

Things got hot and heavy in the studio when Nikki Oh and Leslie Augustino joined us for “Know It Or Show It”! Leslie lost her dress answering her trivia questions incorrectly, while Nikki ditched her Daisy Duke Jean shorts in front of Jo!

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