Thursday 3/29/30

We started things off this morning talking to Rich Ord about something we like to call free speech. After his article had generated a lot of controversy for the show, we finally set things straight! Joining us on the phone was Mr. Skin giving us the rundown on this week’s nudity. Stay tuned for our next pun-on-pun with Mr. Skin! Jillisa Lynn battled Tawnie Lynn today with more sexy stories for our final four in March Badness. Tawnie’s one night stand turned into an all girl sex party, while Jillisa described her Halloween orgy! These bad girl stories were getting too hot! Tweet your votes @PBMorningShow!

The Power Hour:

All the way from London, Natalie Loren talked with us about her sexy six page nude pictorial in the April 2012 issue of Playboy! The British DJ of Luxury Kills stated, “If I’m leaning down and the mixing decks are high up, my puppies (boobs) can get in the way, but I’m a professional I can deal with it!”

The incredibly hot and sexy health and fitness expert Fernanda Rocha joined us in the Mini-Mansion for “Sex Myth Busters.” Our lovely model Sandra Nadola demonstrated all the right moves! Evidently it is true that women can become aroused while working out their core.  They are called “coregasms!” Sandra and Andrea were given tips by Fernanda on how to feel the burn. Fernanda appeared on the Real Housewives of OC last season and is a co-owner of a Laguna Beach, CA gym The Art of Fitness. She currently has been working on her new clothing line Jiinga Brazil Fitness Wear, which you can check out on her website Don’t forget to attend her Brazilian Booty classes! Ending today’s Power Hour Andrea picked five lucky numbers 24, 21, 36, 41, 47 and 11 with her boobs to win Mega Millions!

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