Wednesday 4/4/12

It was an early morning starting off today’s show with a phone call from Comedian Steve Rannazzisi! Stephen plays “Kevin,” the League Commissioner on FX’s hit show The League. Actor/comedian Rannazzisi got his first taste of television success in 2003 as one of the smart-ass cast members on MTV’s Punk’d. After being recognized on stage by Ashton Kutcher at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, Steve was quickly signed up for the show. Since then Steve has continued to make audiences laugh in television, feature films and on comedy stages across the country. On the phone he discussed his current comedy tour Either You’re In or You’re Out. Check out his upcoming shows at

Oh No! Andrea’s Super Pubes have gone missing! She no longer has the infamous three strands of hair! Questions for Chip Rowe came pouring in once again from our listeners. After getting some advice from the Playboy Advisor, we kicked off another exciting Playboy Party Joke Remix… REMIX!

The Jokes included…

-Why did God give women a belly button?

-How is poker like sex?

-What did the sign outside a whorehouse say?

– What do you call a nanny with breast implants?

The Power Hour:

In honor of celebrating The Masters, we had sexy models Melanie, Cody, and Kana join us in studio for Putting For Poon! Two golf coaches Aaron and Chris from offered some helpful tips to our lovely ladies. After watching Kana pass a golf ball between her legs to Melanie, Cody also drank water from Kana’s breasts!  Cody sank the ball and became today’s Putting For Poon winner! Kana and Melanie helped Cody get dressed in her green thong! Enjoy The Masters everyone! We’ll enjoy the MasterBaters!


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