Friday 4/6/12

This morning Phillip Townsend told us what was going on at the Playboy Club London! He is currently a member and has a new silver key to the club. Check out Phillip Townsend’s photography exhibit at the Playboy Club featuring vintage Playboy bunnies and more!

Here comes Kevin Cottontail! Easter decorations took over the studio and Kevin loved it!

Robin Leach said sightings of Affliction T-shirts have increased since DJ Pauly D invaded Vegas. Visit to hear more of what Robin has to say.

Friday Awards were announced celebrating the best moments of the week! Some of the awards included:

-Odor-tastic Of the Week: Smell My Finger with Crissy and Jade

-Victorious moment Of the Week: Putting for poon with Cody

-Sexiest Moment: Vaginal lips to the sky

Morgan Spurlock joined us for The Week in Sex right before we headed into The Power Hour.

The Power Hour:

Morgan is an American documentary filmmaker, humorist, television producer, screenwriter, political activist, and journalist best known for the documentary film Super Size Me. Joining us this morning Morgan and Holly Conrad talk about the ComicConMovie which hits theaters TODAY! Holly is an amazing costume designer for the new movie! Check some of her handmade items out at We had two sexy ladies Mishka and Lindsey audition for a role in our Superpubes debut! During the first script reading of Superpubes, Holly brought Andrea a handmade costume!

On the phone we spoke with Comedian Jim Jefferies about his show tonight at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. You can buy tickets here

A very erotic Easter Egg hunt took place in the Mini-Mansion with Mishka and Lindsey! The girls hopped around the studio as they collected eggs in their baskets. They also ate candy bikini’s off each other in a very sexy way!

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