Monday Car…Toon-Up!

Fill in the thought bubble! Featured in the April 2012 issue of Playboy magazine.

20 Responses to “Monday Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. I’m going to need a lot of tissues for this movie.

  2. john howard Says:

    i hope he likes this

    i hope she likes this

  3. This movie has a great ending!

  4. Richard Bannister Says:

    Let’s get it on.

  5. Chris Franco Says:

    I bet this is a real jerker!

  6. This looks like a good love story

  7. Erik Averbeck Says:

    I love chick flicks!

  8. Steve noyes Says:

    I wonder if “The Box” is a good rental?

  9. starring Gina

  10. The Cover always look better than the Movie.

  11. From her oh a sensitive movie from him: fuck ya broke back mountain!!!!?

  12. Can’t wait to get all warm and tingly with this one!!

  13. I’ll definetly need a box of tissues for this movie.

  14. A kiss is just a kiss.but WOW!!! but not like this.

  15. Bigugly40 Says:

    Now maybe I can get some relief. My lovers not giving me any!

  16. Super Pubes the movie Hmmm the climax looks real good 5 stars

  17. Looks like another lonely night!

  18. Joey Fox Says:

    Popcorn or Cheetos?

  19. sm00thops Says:

    The only romance I have you is my dick in your ass Gina Yates.

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