Monday 4/9/12

It was a great way to start the beginning of the week by celebrating Hugh Hefner’s 86th Birthday! The Playboy Morning Show wished him a healthy and Happy Birthday! We dolled up the studio just for him!

Playmate Jenn Pershing Miss March 2009, Lauren Hill Miss February 2001 and Charis B Miss February 2003 called in this morning to give Hef a sweet and thoughtful message for his special day. These girls love him deeply!

Last week Andrea introduced her newest sexual position with the forward split, and says it’s too hard to do as a regular position. Due to Hugh Hefner turning 86, Kevin suggested that Andrea comes up with a new sex position called then “86’er.” This position would be a onetime thing! Let’s see what she comes up with for next time.

On the phone the famous New York butcher and meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda talked to us about his new show Meat Men. His favorite cut of meat is a skirt steak, which he suggested most men to eat. As a tip he recommended women to have the filet because of its tenderness. Born into this business Pat LaFrieda brings Food Network viewers inside the fascinating and compelling world of Meat Men, premiering Monday (tonight), April 9th at 11pm ET/PT

We had a long list of Good Naked/Bad Naked! Remember, if you come across nudity in the news, email to We’ll decide if it’s good or BAD!

The Power Hour:

Kicking off the Power Hour with the Filthy Forecast, Sherra Michelle gave us a weather condition of 69 and sunny! Sexy Sherra and Sassy Summer joined us in studio to help celebrate Hugh Hefner’s Birthday in a perfect way! We started off with girl on girl balloon popping, which ended up ass to ass! Sherra and Summer also painted each others hot bodies with colorful paint as they pressed their painted images onto Hef’s Birthday card! It was a very sexy morning!

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