Tuesday 4/10/12

The average American bra size is now a 36DD according to several top lingerie retailers, the demand for larger bras is increasing! Bravo America! It has been said before that several girls are doubling up on bra’s to enhance their breast sizes. Who wouldn’t want to see more cleavage anyway?

Joining us on the phone singer and song writer Ice Cube discussed his new platform to discover upcoming Hip-Hop talent, which is the “Coldest MC.” With more than 140,000 online votes in 2011, its inaugural year, the program is quickly becoming a platform for up-and-coming MCs to showcase their skills to a broad, national audience. This year, the contest will include a regional tour and competition featuring high-octane concerts with celebrity appearances and performances. MCs will compete to make it to the finale in New York City. The grand prize winner will receive the opportunity to develop a single track by a celebrity producer, studio time and their song featured on the Coors Light Search for the Coldest Mix tape. You can send your work to www.SearchForTheColdest.com Check out Andrea and Ice Cube at a Superbowl party back in Detroit!

Today we got all the latest technology updates with Scott Alexander. Toshiba introduced the first tablet to break the 10.1-inch barrier. Its new Excite 13 sports a 13.3-inch IPS screen, running at a 1,600×900-pixel resolution and comes installed with Android 4.0. According to Scott, rumor has it the new game Star Wars for Kinect might just be the worst game ever!

The Kew Motor Inn was shut down last week due to a massive prostitution sting operation carried out by the police.  Zach Mach from Oysterhotels.com chatted with us about how one can determine if they have ever unwittingly ended up at a sex hotel.


The Power Hour:

Kicking off Power Hour Matty Simmons author of “FAT,DRUNK, AND STUPID” and a longtime friend of Hef’s gave us the inside story behind the making of Animal House. Executive producer  Matty Simmons, founder of the National Lampoon and producer of the original movie was just seen in Time Magazine as they named the toga party scene from Animal House as one of the Top 10 Movie Parties. His uncensored behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film including never-before-seen photos is an iconic film that launched the careers of Kevin Bacon and John Belushi.

A very sexy model joined us for a Scavenger Hunt from her parent’s house this morning by video chatting us! CJ Lancione gave us very hot visuals today while she ran around topless hunting things down!

Two other models Molly and Leilani stepped into the Mini-Mansion to play a round of RackJack with Kevin and Andrea.  These two sexy girls were too hot to play higher or lower and the guessing of red or black! Check them out!

One Response to “Tuesday 4/10/12”

  1. Real hot seeing that broad loose her bottom at the end of the show.

    More segements that result in the pussy being shown would be really welcome.

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