Wednesday 4/11/12

This morning we discussed a new impromptu segment, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” If there is something that you want to do, but just don’t have the time for it let us know! 877-205-9796

Feel Like Hell? On the phone Dr. Jason Burke told us not to worry about a nasty hangover anymore! He is a board certified anesthesiologist, trained at Duke University. He has extensive experience in the operating room and the intensive care unit. Dr. Burke has been a practicing anesthesiologist for over ten years and is well-respected by his peers. He is the first physician in the United States to become a Hangover Specialist and dedicate his career to curing hangovers. His new service starts this Saturday, which entails a mobile bus traveling the Las Vegas strip throughout the day. The process does involve a very small IV and the treatment takes about 45 minutes. Most people start feeling better within about 20 minutes after starting the treatment. The service will pick you up at your location and return you to the same place. Check it out at

After talking to our Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe, we presented several amazing Heffy Awards! Unfortunately, Jaron took the lead with five votes presenting his Heffy Award for Johnnie “Spider” Footman. A cigar munching 92-year-old man from Harlem, New York is a cab driver in Long Island City. He was given his nickname “Spider” after a model of the Harley Davidson he used to ride as a member of a Harlem motorcycle club. Johnnie has no plan to take his foot off the gas any time soon. His hack license doesn’t expire until 2014.

 The Power Hour:

Chris Elliot joined us on the phone to chat about Season Two of Eagleheart, the live-action comedy television series. The show Premieres this Thursday, April 12th at Midnight on Adult Swim.

Sexy Australian model Lauren Volker and a very hot nurse Christina Renee  stopped by the Mini-Mansion for a round of “Know It or Show It.” Both girls showed off their rockin’ hot bodies as they removed their clothing! 

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