Tuesday 4/17/12

This morning Kevin shared his story on how he severely burnt the inside of his mouth on a gourmet strawberry pop tart. It looks like there won’t be any honeymoon oral sex on his trip! Kevin also gave producer Gina a hard time for seeing Titanic eight times in theaters! According to Kevin and Andrea she has officially wasted about 24 hours of her life.

Scott Alexander joined us on the phone with the latest Games and Gadgets! There is a new case for the iPad that weighs about five pounds! Google is closer than ever to launching the company’s cloud-based storage service. Like Dropbox, which offers various tiers of online storage for your files and documents, Google will offer a standard free account, though specifics on how many gigs of data you can upload is said to be 5GB

Scott also shared how Tupac’s hologram at Coachella Music Festival was created. Apparently it was not just a hologram, it was a clever optical illusion technique known as “Pepper’s Ghost.”  This combination of high-quality computer rendering and old-school optical trickery has impressed many experts.

We also spoke with Michael Goldstein for our Weekly Chronicle! Michael discussed the greatest TV bong hits of all time.

The Power Hour:

After a detailed Lowell Down, things got fired up in the Mini-Mansion while we turned the studio into a bar for the day! Naturally. George Wendt the TV legend and uncle of Jason Sudeikis joined us in studio.  He is best known for playing Norm Peterson on the hit television series “Cheers.” George stars in Re-Animator The Musical that begins April 26 at the Hayworth Theatre.

Originally a bloody and funny movie, The musical comes back to life for a strictly limited engagement before its international tour. The award winning musical hit will also feature all the original cast from the 2011 sold out production.

Sexy Mixologist Nakisha also stopped by the studio to pour her special drinks for everybody. Visit her at the Well in Hollywood and let her know we sent you!

Lindsey and Katrina entered the Mini-Mansion this morning and looked hotter than ever in their see through lingerie. As we got into drinking games with the ladies and Norm, Kevin demonstrated how to play quarters.

Next, Lindsey plays a round of darts and wins 20 sexy spankings from Katrina.  A quick round of Rear Pong also took place! Check the girls out!

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