Monday Car…Toon-Up!

Here’s a new one for you! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the pages of the new May 2012 issue of Playboy!

18 Responses to “Monday Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Robert McNeill Says:

    Yea Korean lover this is Kevin Andrea and I are at the museum

  2. Chad Brannen Says:

    “no hunny thats just the fly’s suckin my blood they’re big and fierce today”

  3. john Howard Says:

    Hey kevin your wife LOVES worms

  4. Oh oh yeah! sure em getting a nibble I would say its a sucker fish & she is a bute en a keeper

  5. Crouse Master Says:

    Yes sir . . . I am getting the job done as we speak sir . . .

  6. You’re right charlie, I just sprayed a little axe on my cock and boom just like the commerical i’m getting some head action.

  7. You’ll have to wait a minute she’s looking for the worms.

  8. She has worms and I love to fish

  9. Sorry honey I’ve got a big ass on my pole

  10. The only thing I caught so far is herpes!

  11. juniorfrompa Says:

    Hello kevin, Andrea sunk her car in another body of water, And she will be at work just as soon as she’s finshed thanking me for saving her life.

  12. mike schram Says:

    I haven’t got a single bite but she’s caught A trouser trout !!

  13. Put your finger in the hole!

  14. “No, the fish aren’t biting today… thankfully!”

  15. Yes honey Joe is trying to fix the the the leak now.

  16. Hello Base Pro, “blow-worms” are working great today.

  17. Yes there seems to be a problem, reverse motor boat feels a little stiff

  18. Hu Kevin, I’m on the north end of the lake and there’s nothin biting over here. What’s that? No I haven’t seen your wife

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