Monday 3/23/12

Its official, Kevin is a married man! Kevin had a wild weekend getaway in Mexico with his new beautiful wife! If you would like to congratulate him tweet us @PBMorningShow. While Kevin enjoyed his stay at the hotel in Mexico, he came across a gathering of people watching two girls touch each other in a very sexual manner. On the balcony of a room was Playboy Playmate Miss October 2007 Spencer Scott! Check out some of the photos that were captured!

On the phone we talked to Playboy Social Finalists for the month of April, Jen Wilke and Melissa! If you would like to see them both and vote visit!

Skinny Vinnie returned to our show this morning with a nice and long phone call! We have missed him. Kevin and Andrea are still set to plan a Playmate Prom in our near future. Did you have a bad prom experience or would like a do-over? Email us at After several stories of Good Naked/Bad Naked we headed into the Mini-Mansion!

 The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour today with Andrea’s world famous Lowell Down! Desiree Claire then gave a steamy and filthy forecast in her light pink satin panties.

Dan Horowitz finally made it back into the Mini-Mansion today discussing his new book “The Pillow Treatment.” A self-help book in the form of a poignant and amusing memoir, The Pillow Treatment is the inspirational, motivational story of a guy who, with determination, persistence and firmly held principles, has accomplished things that most people only dream of. More importantly, The Pillow Treatment is packed with the wisdom of eighty-seven years of living, keen insights and practical words of advice that anyone can use to turn his or her own dreams into reality.

Molly and Desiree demonstrated several new sexual positions with each other using pillows! Wedge That Ass was one of the positions the two girls came up with. Check it out…

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