Tuesday 4/24/12

This morning we spoke with August 2011 cover model Bree Olson while she toured around New York on the “Save Our Boobs” bus! Her mobile bus is giving free breast exams and teaching women how to check their breasts correctly every month.

Scott Alexander with the latest Games and Gadgets gave Kevin a few tips on what brand of camera to buy for his honeymoon. He also mentioned the latest news about an upcoming electric car that will have a remote control to operate the car. That sounds pretty fascinating!

Peter Post the director of The Emily Post Institute and author of five etiquette books joined us on the phone. He discussed his Essential Manners For Men: Second Edition featured in Playboy’s April issue on page 20. Peter addressed that using etiquette creates better and stronger relationships between two people. Peter’s number one etiquette tip was, “DONT BE LATE!” Nobody likes to wait for you.

After some topless advice from Andrea, Elise Hope and Tehmenna the two April Miss Social Finalists chatted with us on the phone. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite @PlayboySocial contestant! http://PlayboyMissSocial.com Best of luck to @MissMeena, @Elise_hope and all!

The Power Hour:

Today Maz Jobrani stopped by the studio for some fun! He is best known as a founding member of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, which featured some of the top Middle Eastern-American comics in the world. See Maz’s tour dates at http://MazJobrani.com

Also joining us in the Mini- mansion today was Ted Nugent! With over 40 million albums sold and more media face-time that most politicians, Ted has earned his status as an american icon. Maz and Ted hatched a new friendship today! Last but not least, a huge thanks to our beautiful girls EricaDuFourChelseaBrookeP  and PlayboyLiveJami

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