We’re back – and so is the weekly funny! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the May 2012 issue of Playboy!

10 Responses to “Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. william Says:

    NEXT 🙂

  2. Jonathan Says:

    You gotta try that new bidet

  3. Steve noyes Says:

    Hahaha put your close back on he’s hung like a baby carot!

  4. Lmao he really DOES look like Archie…..

  5. I think the interview went well. He said he’d call me back for sure.

  6. Alright girl your right your brother has no idea what he is doin…….

  7. Who knew you had to be naked for green screen technology

  8. Mark M Says:

    The new guy delivered me the paper… and more!

  9. WOW!! I’m all agog, he really does have a long tongue & can breath through his ears.

  10. “OH I KNOW, I’M AMAZING!!”

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