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Tuesday 5/8/12

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Kicking off our Tuesday morning, the T & A Team goes to Florida to defend nudity! A hotel in Florida has decided to become a nudist resort to prevent the struggling hotel from going out of business. However, the decision has upset local residents in the neighborhood who are fighting to ensure people keep their clothes on. We spoke with Paul Hodge, who owns the Fawlty Towers Motel in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Paul said that he is almost to the point of closing down and that this was his last option. He explained that he has been squeezed as hotel chains continue to develop in the beachside community. “It’s just a niche in the market. There’s no competition in 100 miles,” Hodges said.

Scott Alexander with Games and Gadgets gave us a rundown of his latest uncovers. Nevada has become the first state to issue an “autonomous” license for a driverless car, and Google is the lucky recipient.

BIG Jambox by Jawbone turns any phone, tablet, or mobile device into a portable hi-fi sound system.

3D printing gets social with the new Cubify printer that allows you to create, upload and sell your own inventions!

If you know a girl who could represent one of the types of pussy in @LSoloSaid‘s “The Pussy Song”? Call us! 877-205-9796

The Power Hour:

The gorgeous Hooter Bikini Finalists Afton, Victoria, Drea and Stephanie joined us in studio today from @WestCoastHoots!

The lovely women showed off their booties to Kevin and Andrea as a sneak peek to their upcoming 2012 Swimsuit Pageant that will take place this Saturday! Kevin and Andrea will also be judging the competition!

Kristin, Chelsea and Sara Sue also joined the Mini- Mansion fun by building edible bikinis! The girls were judged based on creativity, nutritional value, fashion and durability.