Give us your best caption for the cartoon below. HUGE bragging rights.

19 Responses to “Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Neil Giordano Says:

    No Kevin it’s not that time of the mouth

  2. Those are the whitest teeth iv ever cum across

  3. Matthew Says:

    The future ex in the tub says “Kevin, go get me a Latte Mutherfucker then walk the dog after you do the dishes !”

  4. Crouse Master Says:

    is this your Idea of rolling in flower(flour)?

  5. Do you realize how fucking hard it will be to clean out that tub women. Now get out of their and go make me a sandwhich.

  6. Would you like to “de-flower” me?

  7. Soaking in flowers ain’t going to make your cunt smell any better

  8. this is how you warm up your sex doll!

  9. Gina, please suck my weena, Gina, please suck my weena, Gina, please suck my weena NOW. And Jaron Sucks!! Turn off his mic and put his curtain up.

  10. That’s the biggest bush i have ever seen.

  11. I knew I should have fired that landscaper, this is the second day in a row!

  12. Those gladiolous sure look nice

  13. I’ll be right bak babe, I got to pee..

  14. Hmmmm, looks like some one’s been using smiiiile and blow me!

  15. Ummm. Does this mean we’re going to have sex?????

  16. Your text message said you were feeling thorny.

  17. Anthony. Says:

    Kevin: I knew I could control my dreams Gina.

  18. WOW!!! Miracle Grow really works

  19. This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to de-flower you.

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