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Tuesday 5/15/12

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This morning we chatted with the gorgeous Playboy Cover model of 2009 Aubrey O’Day. She made it to the Top Three of Celebrity Apprentice. Way to go, Aubrey!

Will there ever be a better Beastie or a better Boy than the Beastie Boys? We played a round of “What’s Better Than”… Beastie Boys, and had several callers give us their suggestions. Thanks everyone for playing!

Breaking Lesbian News: When same-sex couple Hope Decker and Tiffany Wright were banned from attending their prom at Lexington Catholic High School. They decided that they were already dressed to party, they’d create their own event. Armed with several car stereos and a group of supportive friends, the teens hosted their own prom in the school parking lot.  After the night’s final song under the stars, 108 students signed a letter to the administration criticizing its decision to turn the girls away. This prom was much more memorable than any prom the school hosted.

After we spoke with Scott Alexander with his latest updates on Games and Gadgets we headed into the Power Hour!

The Power Hour:

On the phone, Billy Bob Thornton and Kinky Friedman discussed the new book that comes out today, The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts.

L-Solo not only missed out on our creative “I Love Pussy” lyrics, but also on a room full of hot sexy naked women! Instead we had a in studio Playboy Casting with Sam and Kim and potential Playmates!