Wednesday 5/16/12

This morning we started off the show by sharing our made up versions of L-Solo’s number one song hit “I Love Pussy.” A lot of well thought out lyrics went into this rap off! On the phone we spoke with President of  Sky Combat Ace, Richard “Tex” Coe. Sky Combat Ace started in March of 2011 with a simple goal, to create the most exciting, heart thumping adventure of a lifetime. It started with the vision of Richard “Tex” Coe, a former F-16 fighter pilot, who enjoyed high performance aircraft so much, he couldn’t bear the thought of giving it up when he separated from the Air Force in 2008. SCA started offering aerobatic adventures like the Top Gun and for those who really wanted to know what it was like to be a fighter pilot, the Sky Combat Experience. Check them out here!

We also spoke with Bill Wisth, a Wisconsin man who was cut off after he wolfed down a dozen pieces of fish at an all-you-can-eat fish fry. At six-foot six and 350lbs. Bill made a picket sign and protested outside his favorite local restaurant “Chucks Place” when he was told they ran out of sea creatures. Wisth asked for more fish and they refused to give him anything!

Today’s Heffy Award goes to 82-year-old Longview resident Marlin Nelson who finally gets his Life Scout Badge! A s a former Boy Scout and scout leader, Marlin was taken by surprise when he learned this week his children arranged for him to formally receive the life Scout award he didn’t get as a teenager in 1945.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe‘s updates, and his soon to be debut on Playboy TV. Go Chip!

Comedian Kevin Shea dropped by the Mini Mansion, and shared his Internet Porn addiction! Kevin has numerous TV appearances such as Comedy Central’s Premium Blend , Jimmy Kimmel Live, and HBO’s Down n Dirty. Most recently he was the winner of 2009 NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity Showcase. He was given a talent deal and showcased at the 2010 NACA National Conference, where he went on to book over 50 college dates. He will be performing tonight at The Irvine Improv. Check him out!

 Also joining Kevin Shea was Allison and Beebee for “Know It Or Show It!” These lovely models were ready for some fun!

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