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Tuesday 5/22/12

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A woman was fired from her job at a Manhattan lingerie distributor for being too sexy! Two days after getting hired in April, the supervisor of the business in the Garment District told the woman the owners were not happy. Apparently her boobs were too much of a distraction.

A new Anchorman 2 trailer has been released and is fueling major excitement for the new movie. The trailer went viral this past week, and introduced the world to the men of the famous San Diego news team once again.

On the phone we spoke with Brian Spence, the CEO of the Nudist Clubhouse! It’s time to take a NAKATION at the Nudist Expo 2012 in Vegas. Click here for more options!

We kicked off another exciting Playboy Party Joke Remix… REMIX!

The Jokes included…

-What do you call a blonde upside down?

-What do politicians and bull sperm have in common?

-How is Viagra like Disneyland?

-Why do blondes have bruises around their belly buttons?

The Power Hour:

The Legendary cinema badass Danny Trejo joined us in the Mini Mansion! Make sure to check out his latest film “Ranchero” out on DVD today. Danny will be heading over to Texas in June to begin filming for Machete 2! We give a big thanks to Indican Pictures for bringing Mr. Trejo to the studio!

Danny was not only distracted by our sexy British twins Melissa and Carla, but he also tried his best to reach Robert Rodriguez to put the girls in Machete 2!

Ending the show with Sex Myth Busters, the twins had to test out different types of sleeping arrangements and rate the best for comfort and sex!