Wanna come to PLAYBOY PROM??

That’s right! PROM. 

Did you have a horrible prom experience? 

Did your date ditch you for the foreign exchange student? Parents make you come home early? Maybe you had to take your cousin, because no one else appreciated your whole Star Wars idea…

Well, we’re going to make it up to you – Playboy style! 

The Playboy Morning Show and Playboy TV are hosting the First Annual PLAYBOY PROM! We’re giving those of you with prom horror stories the chance for an EXCLUSIVE do-over! Celebrity chaperones, dancing with Playmates, body painted dresses, spiked punch and more…including the first ever live performance from Andrea Lowell’s alter-ego, Lady Gag Gag! 

And YOU could be there! Simply send an email to morningshow@playboy.com and tell us why you need a prom do-over! We’re giving away tickets THIS WEEK, so if you haven’t already sent us your sob story, do it now! 

Trust us. This will RULE. 

Good luck! 

One Response to “Wanna come to PLAYBOY PROM??”

  1. you should send me because i’ve never had a prom and because no one liked me all the kids hered i was going to go and got taomatos to throw at me when i got there but i never showed up so they just throw them at me when i got to school that monday so that why i think you should send me

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