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Thursday 5/24/12

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This morning we spoke with Kerri Dobson, a woman who collected twenty-one post-sex mementos! Kerri shared her thoughts on why she liked to keep these mementos after her sexual experiences with her men. Check out where she also writes her stories.

In the new June 2012 issue of Playboy, Pat Jordan the author of “Armed and Dangerous” told us he is packing heat 24/7. Pat tests the limits of open-carry laws in towns near Atlanta, but according to him, the new spin on gun control is uncomfortable.

After giving Producer Gina many clues on what “Skee-Ball” is, Eric Pavony the co- founder of BrewskeeBall gave her a better explanation! He started BrewskeeBall, the first-ever national skee-ball league and owns Full Circle Bar, the league’s national home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He created The BEEB, an obscure sports festival taking place this Memorial Day Weekend to take the childhood game of skee-ball to an unprecedented and unthinkable stage. Now Gina wants to play!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Mr. Skin as he shared which TV Series has the most nudity! “Magic City” was rated to have the most nude scenes of 2012!

Jay Larson entered the Mini- Mansion today for some fun. He will also be at The Laugh Factory at 10PM for Laughs, Camera, Action!  If you are in town go see him tonight! While he is awake he is usually telling jokes to other human beings, sometimes they are in the form of an audience, sometimes they are just random people, but he is always making people laugh.

Jaron made his Fifty Shades of Black TV debut today! Kevin and Andrea were disappointed with his sex tip of the day.

We ended the show with a sexy Battle of the Babes Pubic Showdown! Returning champion Cody Cameron’s landing strip took on Jillisa Lynn’s shaved Ladyland! Round one was pretty physical when Jillisa and Cody had a hula hoop competition. Cody had some major hula hooping skills she showed off. Round two, Jillisa and Cody had 11 seconds to answer questions while jumping on a trampoline. It was a tie!

Stay tuned for Battle of the Babes next Thursday!