Friday 5/25/12

Henry Rollins, Girl on Girl Cock Fighting, Casino Robberies, Memorial Day Pool Parties, and Fried Chicken. 

Andrea has gone overboard celebrating National Masturbation Month. Two times yesterday? She explained that she will give herself the “wiggle test” to see if she is ready to “go again.” She explained that using two fingers, she’ll wiggle herself to determine if she’s either too tender or ready for round two. Kevin was fascinated by this.


We chatted with “Mr. Las Vegas,” Robin Leach, about the recent robbery attempt at The Bellagio. He told us that Vegas Casino robberies are rare, and that even attempting it can result in life in prison. Kevin and Andrea contemplated how they would rob one when in Vegas for the upcoming Topless Pool Tour


Speaking of Casinos, we spoke with the author of the Playboy article, The Underground Casinos of Paris, about the members-only casinos in Paris, France. Legal or not, they sound like a good time. 

 Before TRUCKING OUR FACE with food from The Ludo Truck,  Henry Rollins joined us to talk about his new show on Nat Geo Wild, Animal Underground. He drank snake bile, cow urine, and went to cock fights. We tried to turn cock-fighting into a sexy competition by having naked girls covered with balloons attempt to peck the balloons off of one another. Henry Rollins said it was one of the more ridiculous things he’d seen. We’ll let you be the judge. 

Andrea ended the show by giving a topless salute to our troops, and introduced her new move, The Topless Grenade Launcher. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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