Monday Car…Toon-Up!

Time to show us what you’ve got!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the June 2012 issue of Playboy magazine.

12 Responses to “Monday Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. What the fuck watson

  2. juniorfrompa Says:

    Quiet,I am totally going to give her a dutch oven!

  3. Sshhhh just keeping your spot warm for ya.

  4. She’s just a friend dad

  5. RickRoz70 Says:

    You’ve been served!

  6. Shhhh her husband will be here soon. Let’s DP her!!

  7. Son…….what are you doin naked naked next to your mom???????

  8. ER UH……Would you believe room service???

  9. Is my hour up already? I just got started

  10. Joe Celentano Says:

    Dude this MILF is way hotter than you described on the phone !!! Do I pay you or her ?

  11. Shhhh! This project is so important that we cannot let other projects that are more important interfere with it!!

  12. Steve noyes Says:

    Shhhhh I just tea-bagged that bitch!!!

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