Tuesday 5/29

Lesbian Utopia, Masturbate-a-thons, Depraved Girls, and Sexy Skypenger Hunt. 

How do you recover from a three-day-weekend of drinking, grilling, and swimming? With us, silly. Andrea spent her weekend getting hit on by “older women.” After taking erotic pictures of each other at a house party, Andrea was getting hit on from every direction by “drunk horny women.” Lucky her. 

After catching up on their weekend antics, Kevin and Andrea chatted with Scott Alexander about Xbox rumors, Facebook Phones, and all other cool things that The Amish hate. 

Turns out that Women hit their sexual peak at 28, and guys hit it at 33. This lead to a discussion about what is a sexual peak, and how is it judged; quality or quantity? 

Women like sex as much as guys…maybe more. The Girls Guide to Depravity teaches women to be sexually liberated and think like men. Tips include “If There’s a Pill There’s a way.” and “Have a Magical Pussy.” 


Goon Naked/ Bad Naked was full of nudity, including genital flashing graduates, naked man face eaters, and drunk junk grabbers. 


The 12th Annual Master-Bate-A-Thon took place over the weekend. Didn’t participate? You still have the rest of May to celebrate National Masturbation Month.  At this years festivities, two world records were broken; one for speed, and one for distance. 

 The Power Hour:

The power hour began with Joy Glass Sexy Skype-ing, and hiding cupcakes in her panties. Then we filled Andrea’s Hole, before creating a Lesbian Utopia with  @SherraMichelle, @MissRachelShine & @GabbyNena based on the Angry Pastor’s anti-gay sermon. 

After building a fence, and filling with pillows, blankets, and lesbians, we added food, and a very special Lesbian Birthday Pie for our 21-year-old lesbian. Thanks Pastor Worley. Great Idea. 

One Response to “Tuesday 5/29”

  1. Eddie Wildmsith Says:

    Andrea looks like a kid in a candy store!

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