Wednesday 5/30/12

Junk Smelling, Truth or Bare, Wiggle Tests, Erotic Tickling, and Bears. Oh My!

Tosh.0 was more like Playboy Morning Show.2 after he kicked off his new season doing a web redemption for a video that we already redeemed 3 years ago. “Smell Yo Dick” was given a new life again by Mr. Tosh, but Kevin and Andrea brought this song to the mainstream in 2009 by sexing up the video. Take a look at both videos, and you be the judge.

Winner of the Indy500, _____________, was scheduled to call in, but canceled after Kevin and Andrea agreed that men should never pour milk on themselves….NEVER! Guys can pour Gatorade and Champagne only. Girls can pretty much look good pouring anything on themselves (besides Chili).  

The Playboy Adviser joined us to talk about everything from lesbian lust, to ticklish erogenous zones. The theory is that women can’t be turned on and ticklish at the same time. Andrea claims that this is true. 

In today’s erotic edition of FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK, Jaron got our blood boiling with his erotic readings and sexual tips. He taught us that you can call semen “an eruption of pearly white lava.” We don’t think you should. 

The Power Hour:

Jo Koy came by to hang out for Power Hour, and talk about his upcoming Vegas show. He also showed off his $30,000 gold Rolex. Bring in the Ladies!!!! We were joined by Samantha, Katie, and Lindsey for TRUTH OR BARE. The girls were good liars, and ended up costing Kevin, Andrea  and Jo, lots of money. Unfortunately, they were so good at lying that they only got down to bikinis. BOOOOOOO!!!

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