Thursday 5/31/12

Rub and Tugs, Divorce Hotels, Naked Bar-Mates, A Pubic Battle, and Sex Addicts

Born Again Virgins? What a joke.  A reality show is looking for engaged virgins. We didn’t think born again virgins should count because as Kevin put it, “you can just put ‘born again’ in front of anything, and it doesn’t make it so.” Also, how do they cast for this show, with a hymen check? 

Kevin was shocked that a “spa” in Syracuse was busted for being a prostitution ring. He claims that he remembered that “spa” from his college days, but thought it was a real deal spa.  He was upset that he didn’t know what was really going on. 


Want to get divorced in style? The Divorce Hotel takes couples who are ready to be single again, and lets them “go out in style.” The GM/Inventor of the hotel says they take care of everything from legal docs to post split celebrations. It’s only in Amsterdam now, but coming soon to a town near you.

Amber Paxton is Playboy’s June BarMATE. She slings booze at The Elevator Drought House in Columbus, Ohio. She loves being naked, having doggy style sex, and says that men have spilled drinks on her on purpose to hit on her. 

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin joined us for the POWER HOUR before we brought back in our BATTLE OF THE BABES contestants, Cody (landing strip) and Jillisa (No pubic hair), for Round 2 of The Pubic Battle. Last week was a tie so the girl returned to battle it out in a round of physical, mental, and sexual fun. Today they got upside down on THE RACK for the mental round, and ended up light-headed and pantie-less. Once again, the ladies tied, and after a sweet sexual round of girl on girl fun, they will be back here again next week with a 3rd pubic challenger. 

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