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Friday 6/22/12

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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! We are sooo excited to be in Las Vegas for the Topless Pool Party Tour! Pack your bags and meet us out there!

Check out who came into the Mini Mansion today: Miss Sofia Love, Michael Kosta, Baby’s Badass Burgers,  Bella and Katrina!


Thursday 6/21/12

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We spoke with casino surveillance expert George Joseph, of Worldwide Casino Consulting who gave us prep on cheating techniques. He estimates the industry loses tens of millions of dollars a year in scams. WOW!

Have you ever seen a man with MOOBS? Matt Cornell shared his story about the hard times in High School with a nickname of “Tits.” Matt claims he was up to a full D cup!

We played NAME THAT NARCOTIC, which are the true stories of drugged out, boozed up and even sober people doing dumb things. For example,  the 19-year-old girl who was arrested after forgetting she left her 5-week-old baby in the car seat on the roof of her car before driving away, was HIGH on marijuana!

The Power Hour:

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman chatted with us today, and is very excited we’re coming to town!

Three sexy ladies joined us in the mini manison for Walk of Shame. It started off with Sarah, Samantha and JacQue  removing their clothes in bed. Once they were stripped down to nothing but blindfolds, the girls were spun several times and sent crawling  to try and dress themselves in their correct clothes!  Let’s just say this wasn’t their first time doing a “Walk of Shame.” Check these babes out.


Wednesday 6/21/12

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Kevin and Andrea got into it this morning with Andrea revealing her pre-Vegas tittie-tan-lines (Try saying that 5 times fast). Kevin was wondering if the Mayor of Vegas would change the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to read Welcome to Lez Vegas in honor of Andrea’s past lesbian Vegas weekends. It’s one of the many ideas we think should, but will probably never happen. 


Mr. Skin joined us early this week to chat celebrity skin, and DVD extras. Makin’ Bacon brought us great advancements in SEX and BACON. As always, Andrea unearthed a great sexual discovery from the UK. Originally invented to help women with health issues, “The Intensity” accidentally gave women intense muscle-contracting orgasms. We chatted with Emma Podmore, who informed us that this is a new type of orgasm. Andrea wants one. 

Kevin unveiled his bacon advancement, The new Burger King Bacon Sundae. AWESOME!!! He said it was GREAT, and way better than expected. 

The Power Hour kicked off with Captain John from the new Spike TV show, Diamond Divers. He finds cool and valuable stuff underwater. He told us that Playboy makes his life on the high seas MUCH easier. Check him and his beard out tonight at 10PM on Spike. 

Krystin, Jessi, Carrie Lynn and Alyssa came in for KNOW IT OR SHOW IT!!!!We broke up the girls into teams. Double the clothes, and double the nudity. Know IT or Show IT categories were tough but fair:

-The Regular Pool Turned into a Topless Pool, after they introduced Bottomless Mimosas: Pool Trivia

 -Miami Basketball fans are so excited they are in Heat.  

 -Things that Go Inside of Other Things. 

 -When all was said and done, everyone was NAKED!!!! 


Chef FabioViviani from Top Chef called in from Hollywood, where he is doing live cooking demos. He said that he wished he was with us “sweating in his boxers”  instead of sweating in the streets. Next time!

Tuesday 6/19/12

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Our Topless Pool Party Tour has officially been posted. Check out T&A Team was all over the case this morning at Dreamz Massage in Las Vegas. They should not have to abide by a 10PM curfew especially while not while we’re in town! We played a quick round of “What Would Hef Do” and Jaron new exactly what Hef does.

The Power Hour:

All the way from New Jersey, we witnessed a sexy SKYPEnger Hunt with model Cali Logan. Scrambling for sexy panties, doing 5 jumping jacks in her highest pair of heels, and playing with her plastic tree, Cali had us tuned in for whatever she had next… playing with her pussy.

  She also went naked skydiving!

Don Friesen stopped by  for The Lowell Down in the mini mansion. Check out his new show “Ask Your Mom” @SHO_Network 6/22 at 10p ET/PT.

The Playboy Morning Show’s Topless Pool Tour in Las Vegas!

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Get ready!

The Playboy Morning Show is heading to Vegas June 24th – 29th for the first ever Topless Pool Tour, staying at the legendary Caesars Palace! So get your plane tickets, book your hotel rooms and join us! We look forward to meeting you.

Schedule of pools 

Broadcasts take place from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.*

** All costs associated with gaining entrance to the pools are your responsibility. **

Sun 6/24
Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Mon 6/25
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Tue 6/26
The Artisan

1501 W. Saraha Ave.
Las Vegas, NV. 89102

Wed 6/27
The Mirage
3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV. 89109

Thursday 6/27
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

*Broadcasts are recorded and will air the following morning from 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET

Monday 6/18/12

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Kevin and Andrea started the show talking about a weird story involving an Abercrombie & Fitch Model who was told to masturbate before a photo shoot so that he could be “more relaxed.” Andrea claims that she likes to  masturbate  before, during, and after her photo shoots. She says that masturbating can be relaxing, but also it is not always best to do right before a photo shoot. Kevin said that a guy masturbating into a camera is still “less gay” than most of the pictures on the wall at an Abercrombie. “At least it’s not 3 guys blowing each other in a canoe like usual.” 


The [Medical] Cannabis Cup is happening this weekend in Northern California. We chatted with Rick Cusick from High Times to talk about the judging criteria, celebrity judges, and what type of weed makes people the horniest. He informed us that Hugh Hefner made the pro marijuana fight possible with his donations and support. He also told us that he was high on Chem Dog during our interview.  

 The Power Hour included Putting for Poon at our very own U.S. Legs Open, and a chat with Jason Hervey, Exec Producer of The Catalina and Devil’s Ride.  

After visiting with Jason, our three sexy putter’s Shantal, Tricia and Sherra Putted for Poon! Check them out.

New Car…Toon-Up!

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Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the pages of Playboy magazine.

And a special thanks to listener Steve, who contributed his own cartoon this week!

* The morning show crew

Friday 6/15/12

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The official TOPLESS POOL TOUR schedule has been announced. Kevin and Andrea couldn’t wait to share the info with our audience. The response has been CRAZY. People are rearranging plans, getting divorced, and trying to sneak into this country. It’s going to be TOPLESS and TIP TOP all at the same time.  

Kevin asked Andrea about a new type of Boob Job that takes the fat out of a woman’s “trouble areas” and replants it in the breasts. “2 boobs, 1 stone” Kevin said. 

The Douche Burger is topped with lobster, caviar, gold, and will cost you $666. Info here


Robin Leach went through all the Vegas Highs and Lows (it’s 104 degrees now). We went through the Miss USA controversy, and all of the bands performing in Vegas this summer.

Tom Cruise has worked with some hot ladies over the years. He inspired this week’s WHO WOULD YOU DO? Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, etc. 

The Power Hour:

Bil Dwyer returned to hang with us and TRUCK OUR FACE. 


We hung out with a couple of ladies, who took Andrea’s Meat in My Mouth Challenge. Take a look at this treat. 

Thursday 6/14/12

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As it turns out, Penguins are as sexually fucked up as the rest of us… maybe more. Kevin and Andrea were really onto something with this one. Kevin even volunteered to dress as a penguin and live with them for a few weeks to teach and learn some sexual tricks “like the art of seduction” or “how to play just the beak.”

Serendipity 3 provided us with our newest PLAYBURGER, a $295 burger full of truffles, hand crafted cheese, and a quail egg. Oh, and it also comes topped with a gold toothpick. The creative chef also told us about their $70 hot dog, and $1000 Sunday.

Gay Women: Straight Talk returned with Carol and Andrea chatting with a life coach. Per usual, Carol, made a mockery of the interview, got into a fight with Andrea, and brought our guest to the verge of tears. IT WAS PERFECT!

The Playboy Party Joke REMIX gave us 4 jokes with endless punch lines… The Jokes Were…

-Why don’t heavyweight fighters have sex before a big fight?

-What is the politically correct term for lesbians?

-What do you call and Amish guy with his arm halfway up a horse’s ass?

-What is a good way to tell that you are on a great first date?

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin uncovered a 7-year-old picture of Katherine Higal’s butt from a French DVD. Well done sir. After Skin, Playmate Miss May 1996, Shana Sand joined us to talk about dressing sexy, sleeping naked, and dirty talking in 2 languages. She is going to auction off some of her worn goodies for the fans. Check out some of her links: Clear High Heels, Santini Mavardi, Black Leather Cowboy Boots.

Last Comic Standing Winner and Playboy Jazz Cruise MC, Alonzo Bodden joined us for a laugh before we erected our pole, and met The Angry Stripper. She was fired from her newspaper job for moonlighting as a stripper. She took to the pole, and showed us some moves. Get out your dollar bills.

Wednesday 6/13/12

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300 lb. BURGERS, Naked Girls Playing Golf, Miss Social, Charlie Murphy and Brody Jenner

Two women got in trouble for flashing boobies on a golf course. We didn’t know who would tell on them, but they should feel guilty about doing it. Why the hell would anyone not want to see some bonus titties on a golf course? 


Kevin and Andrea got into a heated discussion about men buying underwear for their women. “Is there any way to do this without looking creepy?” Andrea and Kevin agreed that it is hard to pull off, but it can be done. Then Andrea agreed to buy underwear for Kevin’s wife so he wouldn’t have to. 


A lot of people called with questions about the TOPLESS POOL TOUR IN VEGAS. Please e-mail questions to us at MORNINGSHOW@PLAYBOY.COM

After giving advice with Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe, Kevin and Andrea got “balls deep” into the June issue of Playboy with CAN WE GET TO 10!!!.  Andrea called an RV Dealer and Kevin called a Tobacco shop. The final tally was 9 for Kevin and 10 for Andrea. WINNER!

 The Power Hour:

Brody Jenner returned post playmate girlfriend, to talk about life, sex tapes, and his new online venture, Rocket Frog. He told us that he has seen some of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, and he is still boys with her ex, Reggie Bush.



Charlie Murphy joined in the fun, and we took out a wad of cash to gamble during the Coochie Casino. To subject of our gambling was Playboy’s new Miss Social, Jen Wilke. We gambled on her virginity, panties, and her masturbation habits. Charlie Murphy was up BIG BUCKS but in the end, Kevin won all of the cash. 

Know it OR Show it returned with lots of SHOWING!!!!! Enjoy.