Friday 6/1/12

Happy Friday Everyone!

The big news of the morning was the announcement that Crystal Harris moved back into the mansion and is “back with Hef” again. This led to a discussion about the post-breakup rules, and how staying friends with your exes is always a good move. Kevin said that getting back with an ex is great because you get “old new pussy” or “new old pussy.” He said “it’s like eating your favorite food from a restaurant you haven’t been to in while.”

Congrats to Hef and Crystal.

Kevin and Andrea were gearing up for our 3rd annual Playboy Spelling Bs, Cs, and Double Ds. Andrea refused to try to spell the winning word from The National Spelling Bee, “GUETAPENS” or as Kevin pronounced it “Ghetto Pound.” Andrea better study up this weekend.


Robin Leach talked Miss USA bikinis, The closing of The Playboy Club, and our upcoming TOPLESS POOL TOUR. More info coming soon.

The power hour was jam-packed with Playmates, Pirañas, and Phood Trucks (see what we did there). Comedian Adam Ray popped in to chat about his days working as Wolverine at Universal Studios, and his climb up the comedy ladder. He hung out for the week in sex, and stayed for the Playmates.

MissApril 2012, and Miss November 2011 were battling for votes to be The Playmate face of Victory Motorcycles.  Stories of sex on bikes, and the bribery boob flash was just a start. Go to contest to vote.

We trucked our face with food from The Wake and Bake Wagon. Fuego sauce “got Andrea wet,” while we sat back and watched Hazel interviewing the cast/director of Phirana 3DD.


Then we had our own fun with “dangerous fish” and “dangerously big boobs.”


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