Monday 6/4/12

Topless Spelling, Sex Crazed Magicians, Filthy Forecast, and Good Naked.

Kevin and Andrea welcomed everyone back into the mini mansion for another morning full of fun and frolicking. Andrea thinks her stylist are buying her shirts that are too small for her big boobs. Kevin thinks the shirts fit perfect.


Kevin was excited about a weekend full of overtime games, Tiger Woods, and Game of Thrones. He also saw Piraña 3DD and said it had one of the greatest lines in the history of cinema.


Andrea partied, and continued to tone up for our Vegas Topless Pool Tour.

We kicked off some Good Naked Bad Naked and had everything from a Transgendered serving his genitals at a feast to a senior flasher, and a masked streaker. All in all it was a real mix of good, bad, and ugly naked.


Penn Gillette joined us to talk about sex in zero gravity, and all the sexual items that he owns the patents for. He even invited Andrea to his las Vegas compound to use his special masturbation hot tub. She seemed excited.


His new book God, NO is out now, and although we didn’t spend too much time talking about religion, it’s clear that Penn isn’t a God-fearing man.

 The Power Hour:

After a filthy Forecast, comedian, Mo Mandel, came by to join us for the 3rd Annual Playboy Spelling Bs, Cs, and Double Ds. Girls with A through DD cups competed in spelling rounds including body parts, 3-letter-words, sexual positions, and body painting letters.

 After 3 and a half rounds, we ran out of time, and decided that the girl with the biggest boobs should win.

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