Tuesday 6/5/12

PMOY Jenny McCarthy, Tickle-Off, Pantie Quilt Update, and a Dwarf. 

Andrea came in today Camel-Toe first. Her tight pants left little to the imagination, especially after we tweeted a photo out @PBMORNINGSHOW. What a way to start your day. She was in a “great mood” today, and Kevin wasn’t happy about that. He likes Andrea “a little on edge.” 

We checked out the Question/Answer round from this past weekends Miss USA Pageant. Although, we thought all the finalists were pretty hot, the answers were a typical mix of blah blah blah. Kevin said it best when he said “If these girls didn’t have these stupid sashes on, they’d be pretty hot.” 


Playmate and former Playmate of The Year, Jenny McCarthy checked in to talk about being horny, single, and her new NBC show “Love in the Wild.” She claims that even though she is always super horny, she couldn’t pleasure herself for the entire time they were filming in The Dominican Republic “because the mosquitoes were everywhere.” She told us that she had to masturbate within 5 minutes of returning home. 

We also talked about her upcoming Playboy pictorial, where she warned us “The Bush is Back.” 

After chatting with Jenny, we caught up with our old pal, “Shovelhead,” who is the man behind The Pantie-Quilt. He’s on his second one now, and looking for older underwear from the 40’s and 50’s. He likes them used, and doesn’t mind if they have “Crouch Butterscotch.” 


We got inside of the mind of Hugh Hefner with a presidential round of What Would Hef Do? The question was, What is the first thing you would do if you were our president?

Answers were:

Take Government out of the bedroom (JaRon)

Build Grotto at White House, and change Air Force One to Big Bunny (Elise)

Get out of Other Countries (Gina)

Legalize Pot ASAP (Andrea)

Two Words: “First Ladies.” (Kevin)

The correct answer was Gina. 

Brad Williams came in costume for a Tickle-Off. Carrie and Allison were strapped into The Tickle Chambers while Brad took turns tickling them with everything from feather dusters to his little person fingers. HOT!

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