Thursday 6/7/12

Babe Battle, Naughty Triplets, Playmate Prom Dates, Wine Line Returns, and E3 review. 

Kevin and Andrea started the show talking about a new fantasy dating website for women, where they earn points by getting guys numbers, and even more points by asking them out on dates. They liked the idea of it but couldn’t figure out why they didn’t have point values for important things like sex and other actual fantasies. They decided that they would start the site and that way girls can compete to have threesomes, public sex, etc. (If you would like to help us build this site, please send us an e-mail). 

Scott Alexander gave us the complete E3 wrap up. He said the future of gaming looks pretty sweet, but we are going to have to wait until next year to see any of the new gaming consoles in action. Kevin was mad that Japan gets all of the new stuff first, and said America (and Canada) should get first crack of everything. 


Celebrity chef, Tim Love, who is featured on page 29 of the June Playboy issue joined us to talk about burger blends, and his bourbon pulled pork from the magazine. He is going to be at The 30th Annual Aspen Food and Wine Festival to teach his BBQ methods. He stuck abound with us to talk about JaRon’s menu mishaps. 

The Wine Line returned with people bitching about everything from gas prices, to lack of sex, to Kings hockey. Andrea wined about the French Open, and Kevin wined about how everyone claims they are the “official” this or “official” that. He said that we need to have an official officiant to decide who is the actual “official _________.”

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin talked boobies and celebrity vagina including Playmates in Piranha 3DD, and cable nudity on HBO and Showtime. He went pun on pun with Kevin and Andrea, and proved that he is the king of the sexual pun. Long live Mr. Skin.

The battle of the babes came to an explosive climax between Cody and Jillisa. This is the 3rd meeting of these two competitors. Today their physical challenge was testing their “jerking ability,” as they raced to pop balloons using their best HJ movements. After a minute of fast an furious pumping it was a tie… again. A sudden death pump off proved victory for Cody, who also took down the mental round while bouncing up and down on the BIG BALLS. Congrats to Cody and The Landing Strip for winning this battle of the Pubes. Get your beauty sleep for tomorrow’s Playboy Prom. 

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