Tuesday 6/12/12


We kicked off the show with The BIG announcement that we are heading to Vegas for the 1st ever topless pool tour! We will be bouncing from topless pool to topless pool starting June 24th. Get ready for some sweet skin.

Kevin was excited for his first trip back to Vegas since being married. Andrea and the listeners didn’t believe him when he said that he told his wife why he was going to Vegas. He ended up calling his wife, who said she knew he was going to Vegas “for a topless something” but she tuned him out. 

Scott Alexander broke down the  APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT, which led to a fight between Andrea and SIRI. Siri claimed that “Andrea was Google, and Google stinks?”  

HOT-TUB Boats are the newest combination of two of our favorite things. It’s a floating hot-tub with a motor on it. Sweet! 


In honor of the KINGS first ever Stanley Cup WIN, we chatted with thee MAN most responsible for bringing the Cup to LA. Quick? No. We found the assistant Zamboni driver at the King’s practice facility. He’s the official, “unofficial MVP” (according to us).   

Our “PlayBurger Week” continued with a $100 BURGER (complete with a magnum of champagne and a side of caviar). It’s a great way to get full and drunk at the same time. Get your own at  http://mcguiresirishpub.com


The Power Hour:

The power hour was jam-packed with Governor Jesse Ventura, Sabina Kelley, and STRIP POKER GIRLS. Don’t believe us?  Check these out…



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