Wednesday 6/13/12

300 lb. BURGERS, Naked Girls Playing Golf, Miss Social, Charlie Murphy and Brody Jenner

Two women got in trouble for flashing boobies on a golf course. We didn’t know who would tell on them, but they should feel guilty about doing it. Why the hell would anyone not want to see some bonus titties on a golf course? 


Kevin and Andrea got into a heated discussion about men buying underwear for their women. “Is there any way to do this without looking creepy?” Andrea and Kevin agreed that it is hard to pull off, but it can be done. Then Andrea agreed to buy underwear for Kevin’s wife so he wouldn’t have to. 


A lot of people called with questions about the TOPLESS POOL TOUR IN VEGAS. Please e-mail questions to us at MORNINGSHOW@PLAYBOY.COM

After giving advice with Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe, Kevin and Andrea got “balls deep” into the June issue of Playboy with CAN WE GET TO 10!!!.  Andrea called an RV Dealer and Kevin called a Tobacco shop. The final tally was 9 for Kevin and 10 for Andrea. WINNER!

 The Power Hour:

Brody Jenner returned post playmate girlfriend, to talk about life, sex tapes, and his new online venture, Rocket Frog. He told us that he has seen some of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, and he is still boys with her ex, Reggie Bush.



Charlie Murphy joined in the fun, and we took out a wad of cash to gamble during the Coochie Casino. To subject of our gambling was Playboy’s new Miss Social, Jen Wilke. We gambled on her virginity, panties, and her masturbation habits. Charlie Murphy was up BIG BUCKS but in the end, Kevin won all of the cash. 

Know it OR Show it returned with lots of SHOWING!!!!! Enjoy. 

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