New Car…Toon-Up!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the pages of Playboy magazine.

And a special thanks to listener Steve, who contributed his own cartoon this week!

* The morning show crew

19 Responses to “New Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Are you sure this will make my swing better?

  2. william Says:


  3. Kevin, you don’t have to keep kissing my ass, just don’t try to hit a golf ball off of it again!

  4. Kevin i promise if you get the tee to stay there i will not file a lawsuit.

  5. Bend over touch your toes im going to show you where the wild goose goed

  6. I guess we have different ideas of what a golf pro is………

  7. Peter D'Amico Says:

    excuse me the hole is over there

  8. Steve noyes Says:

    I was talk about Asperger syndrome.

  9. Steve noyes Says:

    I was talking about Asperger syndrome.

  10. Matthew Says:

    Gina says ” Kevin use some lube before you stick it in my ass not your tounge!”

  11. At least you can say you lick one hole today.

  12. Robert McNeill Says:

    I can assure you that the light saber isn’t still in there

  13. juniorfrompa Says:

    A Proctologist’s wet dream!

  14. juniorfrompa Says:

    “If you keep that up, Your going to turn my sand trap
    Into a water hazzard!”

  15. I’ve heard about you back-shop boys… oh ya…..

  16. Joe Celentano Says:

    Don’t forget caddy when your done back there I also need to blow my nose …….

  17. Hey! I said moral support not anal support!

  18. RickRoz70 Says:

    Kevin Mother Fuckin Kline! I know your nose is longer than your penis, but this is ridic.

  19. Girl : can you see clearer now?
    Boy : Mmhhppff! Mmhhppff!
    Girl : Drive me boy! Oh yesss SCORE!
    Boy : ??????????????????????

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