Wednesday 6/21/12


Kevin and Andrea got into it this morning with Andrea revealing her pre-Vegas tittie-tan-lines (Try saying that 5 times fast). Kevin was wondering if the Mayor of Vegas would change the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to read Welcome to Lez Vegas in honor of Andrea’s past lesbian Vegas weekends. It’s one of the many ideas we think should, but will probably never happen. 


Mr. Skin joined us early this week to chat celebrity skin, and DVD extras. Makin’ Bacon brought us great advancements in SEX and BACON. As always, Andrea unearthed a great sexual discovery from the UK. Originally invented to help women with health issues, “The Intensity” accidentally gave women intense muscle-contracting orgasms. We chatted with Emma Podmore, who informed us that this is a new type of orgasm. Andrea wants one. 

Kevin unveiled his bacon advancement, The new Burger King Bacon Sundae. AWESOME!!! He said it was GREAT, and way better than expected. 

The Power Hour kicked off with Captain John from the new Spike TV show, Diamond Divers. He finds cool and valuable stuff underwater. He told us that Playboy makes his life on the high seas MUCH easier. Check him and his beard out tonight at 10PM on Spike. 

Krystin, Jessi, Carrie Lynn and Alyssa came in for KNOW IT OR SHOW IT!!!!We broke up the girls into teams. Double the clothes, and double the nudity. Know IT or Show IT categories were tough but fair:

-The Regular Pool Turned into a Topless Pool, after they introduced Bottomless Mimosas: Pool Trivia

 -Miami Basketball fans are so excited they are in Heat.  

 -Things that Go Inside of Other Things. 

 -When all was said and done, everyone was NAKED!!!! 


Chef FabioViviani from Top Chef called in from Hollywood, where he is doing live cooking demos. He said that he wished he was with us “sweating in his boxers”  instead of sweating in the streets. Next time!

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