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Tuesday 7/31/12

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We spoke with New York Times best-selling author Wendy Goldman Rohm about her current issue in the Playboy magazine, “The Talented Mr. K.” Read more about her article on counterfeit wines on page. 88

Scott Alexander checked in to give us his latest on Games and Gadgets just before we did another Carol and Andrea: Gay Women, Straight Talk! We also called over to Denver, Colorado where we spoke with Shelly Riley for an update at Playboy’s Casting Call! If you have what it takes to be in the Playboy Magazine head over to Denver for a casting call August 7&8th.

The Power Hour:

Not one, but TWO hot girls joined us for a very sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt! –BONUS! Jordan and Anna gave each other lap dances, stripped down to nothing while exchanging  lingerie, found each others erogenous zones, and even got soaked in the shower! Well done girls, well done.

We continued with our NAKED OLYMPICS and finally representing USA, Michelle Leslie took the winning Gold Medal. Cody representing Germany and Chelsea from the land of Brazil showed their competitive skills Fencing, doing Ribbon Routines, and last but not least, the Limbo. While the girls got low USA rocked her red white and blue lingerie!

Monday 7/30/12

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We spoke with the mertailor, Eric Ducharme this morning who turns women into mermaids! His company creates custom-made wearable mermaid tails available to swim in. Check out 

Making the world more beautiful one Bikini at a time, we chatted with Doug Guller, founder and CEO of Bikinis, TX! Check out the fastest growing sports Bar & Grill! 

Today’s Good Naked / Bad Naked verdicts: 3 good, 1 bad – society is getting better. Carly Rae needs to take a tip or two from Andrea’s “Teach Me How To Suckie” instructions. Remember; send your GN/BN stories to!

The Power Hour:

Starting off our Power Hour with the newest Playmate Miss August 2012 Beth Williams! Beth scored the perfect Pick Six! Check out the beautiful small town girl in this months Playboy issue.


First up we had Jenny Rae representing Canada against Lindsey representing North Korea in a competitive Soccer match! Next up we had Canada take the lead with an Ice Cube Luge, and lastly, Canada wins the Gold medal for Archery!


The Playboy Morning Show

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Friday 7/27/12

$1,000,000 Potato Chips? Kevin was devastated when his idea for the Lays “Do Us a Flavor” contest was taken by the commercial he saw for it on TV. His Thanksgiving Dinner Chip idea is no longer his idea, and there goes his million bucks.

On the bright side, Andrea (aka Lady Gag Gag), came up with a song to rival the one put out by the Oregon Dental Association. Their version, Teach Me how to Brushy, focused on oral health. Andrea’s version focused on Oral Sex and was called Teach Me How To Sucky. We think Andrea gets the win in this competition.

Our old friend, Jenna Jameson returned to chat with us today (from her bed). She said that her sex life couldn’t be better, and that aside from accidentally SEXTING her dentist a picture of herself “wide open,” everything is going well. She will be in San Francisco to meet fans at the Gold Club’s 8th Anniversary Celebration . Make your VIP reservations here.

Andrea’s Week In Sex taught us that oral sex is good to cure morning sickness; winter is the most popular season to watch porn; and women are horniest while listening to The Playboy Morning Show. (2 out of 3 of these are true).

The Bra-Opening Ceremonies kicked off our Naked Olympics! Women from many countries united for the lighting of the torch, the topless parade, and the Topless Olympian Oath. The smack talking was strong between Korea and Mexico, and the Naked Olympics will be great next week.

Also, our favorite Mixologist, Heather Storm, and our favorite Bar Savior, Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue on Spike TV), joined us for the festivities. Food was provided by Cousins Maine Lobster Truck, and we were treated to a burlesque performance by the ladies of Hells Belles Burlesque – Jaime, Breezsa & AliKat. WOW!


Let the (NAKED) Games begin!

Thursday 7/26/12

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Joe Crilly from William Hill News joined us on the phone this morning as we talked about the most unusual things people can bet on during the Olympics. London betting houses will offer odds on almost anything, including all 26 sports at the games, from the 100-meter dash to fencing, from diving to soccer. If you want to make a bet, view here.

Before the Power Hour we got into Playboy’s RAW DATA topics in the July/August issue and a game of NAME THAT NARCOTIC.

The power Hour:

Mr. Skin  discussed SKINlympics with us todayand tomorrow we will hold our very own Playboy Olympic Ceremony !

Comedian Dean Delray stopped by the mini mansion for the first time since Playboy TV has arrived! Dean shared all of his latest projects with Kevin and Andrea.  Also joining Dean, was Sophia Love for a Sex-Ed Lesson! We ended the power hour playing Chicktionary with two hot girls painting pictures with their fingers on their panty line and chests! Check it out…

Wednesday 7/25/12

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Yesterday we had a request to have Playmate Shelby Chesnes surprise Robbie with a Playmate Wake Up Call. Listening in this morning, we found out that Robbie was standing between his Wife and Father in law the whole time! He didn’t know what to do or say!

Mandi Mckee joined us on the phone, and said that taking Propecia turned her-formally ‘him’ into a woman. He claims the pills, which he took once a day for nine months radically changed the hormonal balance of his body and he now is now considering a full sex change.

Sherman Hemsley, widely known for his role as George Jefferson in the long-running ‘The Jefferson’s’ sitcom recently passed away. Our very own Andrea Lowell dug up her old photo with him when she sang background vocals for him years ago.  

After Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe shared his advice we got into our PLAYBAY item of the day! Frank is selling a Playboy Rabbit– tell him we sent you!


The Power Hour:

Playwalking with a Playmate, earthquake comments and Know it or Show it filled our power hour.  Evelyn and Misty answered what they could to their best knowledge until they were helping each other undress! Not only was Know it or Show it a success, we also got a Booty shot!

Tuesday 7/24/12

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Oregon Dental Association has a new Tooth-Brushing PSA. If you need inspiration to help you “Get yer flossy on,” this is it.

We caught up with our Games & Gadgets guru, Scott Alexander, who told us about the Basecamp Fridge/Freezer – it plugs into your car! Add it to your wish list immediately.

Also, we officially broke in the July/August 2012 of Playboy with our hotly anticipated round of “CAN WE GET TO 20?” Kevin almost got to 20 with a trophy store, and Andrea KICKED ASS with a personal trainer! She may have also scored a date. Her winning streak continues!!

The Power Hour!

We spoke with Playmate Jaime Edmondson about hanging out with Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson from the Animal Planet show, Hillbilly Handfishin’. You can read all about it on her Playboy blog. Also, be sure to check out the premiere of the second season this Sunday, July 29th at 8 PM ET/PT.

We also met our NEW Playmate, Miss July 2012, Shelby Chesnes! She confessed that she’s worn her cheerleading outfit in the bedroom, her erogenous zone is her neck (ALL of it), and she HAS kissed another girl. Perfect Pick Six score!

Joining our Playmate Miss July 2012 was a fresh face to The Morning Show Tawnie Jaclyn and Jessi! The two gorgeous models had one minute to hand fish for as many goldfish as they could! Skipper would have been very proud!


Monday 7/23/12

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Starting off this morning, we discussed an article based on who wears the sexiest underwear in the country.  With Spanish women in the lead, at 99%, compared to a much meeker 79% in China, it has been confirmed Spanish women wear sexier underwear!


A round of Good Naked/ Bad Naked had the phone’s ringing with comments and complaints. We spoke with Tom Mulhall the Public Relations Director from the American Association for Nude Recreation about how the Olympic athletes used to compete naked. Tom is also the owner of the Terra Cotta Inn nude resort in Palm Springs, CA.


The Power Hour:

Kicking off the power hour, we combined our Cooling off with Hotties tip with Sex Myth Busters! Spicy foods, such as peppery foods are believed to naturally cool off your body temperature, but are those facts true?

Our two sexy models Samantha and Sarah sampled different types of spicy foods in their pallets. Andrea measured their high temperatures before their first taste of peppers, jalapeno’s and spicy sausages! It’s true the girls had a lower temp after the first round. Samantha was measured at an 87.5 and Sarah with a 93.5 body temperature. Who knew!