Monday Cartoon-Up!

We’re back from our vacation with a brand new Car…Toon-Up, direct from the pages of the July/August 2012 issue of Playboy. Give us the best caption, and we’ll brag about you.

50 Responses to “Monday Cartoon-Up!”

  1. My husband needs his dentures cleaned.

  2. william Says:

    i hope that thing don’t have teeth

  3. william Says:

    now spit

  4. “well, it looks like your bra is a little on the small size…”

  5. Yes that is nice, But not excactly what I went to dental school for.

  6. jeremy Clifton Says:

    more denture adhesive and you won’t have this problem again…

  7. When you phoned and said you had a big cavity you weren’t kidding.

  8. Devon cox Says:

    I think we need a bigger brush…

  9. Now let’s see if I have the right tool to fix your pain.

  10. That’s one hell of a root canal

  11. You’re husband was right, you do have bad breath!!

  12. Peter D'Amico Says:

    may I check your cavity

  13. Yes, I see your husband’s detures need adjusting.
    Ok, so lets get you some nitrous and I’ll work on those wisdom teeth.
    That will just about cover those new set of verniers.

  14. Dan Croatto Says:

    I won’t lie to you, it is a rather big cavity.

  15. I think I’m gunna need a bigger brush

  16. “Those aren’t your gums ma’am. And yes, they are quite pink.”

  17. No problem mam, I will get your husbands dentures out in no time!

  18. kevin is my father Says:

    Just what i feared… Ginger-vag-is

  19. Andrea Fucker Says:

    That’s not a plaque build up.

  20. tomtom44 Says:

    And remember to butt floss after every meal.

  21. sweet ballz Says:

    You misunderstood when I said we could to this annually.

  22. sweetbob Says:

    I said open wide I didn’t mean to spread them wide

  23. Yes…..yes that is one hell of an over bite!

  24. Looks like you have been eating chocolate again Mrs. Robison

  25. Johnny Bananas Says:

    “Sorry Ma’am, but this type of dental dam goes on your mouth.”

  26. smile & open wide.

  27. Matthew Says:

    I meant open your mouth Andrea!


  29. Picking Gretchen out of the lineup Steve writes, is as easy as finding the jerkstore at Afghanistan rush hour.

  30. Now give me an S as in Gretchen

  31. Shakespeare writes an old italian fox is twice as smart, or in Gretchens case its more of or like a TSK.

  32. Kate wins her dental plan and so does fox news…bill S.

  33. How Playboy News came up with their motto “fair and balanced” The jesse neisenbergio storeo and burnsohs for othellos…like me…Solomon Lee Ware

  34. Yes we Gretchen!

  35. Confused and confused, Hugh thought to himself quietly and confusedly, who the other woman might be…perhaps a motorcyclist recently divorced someone suggests quietly.

  36. Horton and Cambridge hear a copyright infringement simultaneously.

  37. Horton and Cambridge hear a copyright infringement on the same day.

  38. “Justin Gretchin struggles for campaign fundraising soley based on freedom of taxation

  39. I saw Joe Dimaggio at Dinky Donuts the other day and Steve…Robinson Canoe we did not meet up with or Tebunk Tim. Good work today as always group.

  40. ok one more then we have to find the trapped miners and if there’s time remember you said we could listen to sheryl crowes first song on her first album.

  41. Devon Cox Says:

    “You know insurance pays for your first visit”

  42. Terry cox Says:

    Ok! Now open your lips really wide I have get in there. Ok that is really wide but wrong lips

  43. Dr. Do I need to floss better?

  44. I think I’m going to have to fill that cavity.

  45. Pls doc can i get this visit free.. doc replies :not with bad gums like that!!!!!!!!

  46. Matt kirgan Says:

    Thats the best smile I’ve ever seen. WOW!!!

  47. So doctor you like what you see?
    I am agent long legs I have been ordered to protect you you have already seen my credentials.

  48. Ms Lowel, We’ve been over this, when i tell you to make sure to floss, I mean between your teeth.

  49. Wow! That looks cozy. Do you mind if I stuff my flaccid penis in there and go to sleep.

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