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The Playboy Morning Show

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Tuesday 7/10/12

The Three-Breasted Woman is back! The trailer for the Total Recall remake has been released, and if you like boobs (and we KNOW you do), you won’t be disappointed.

We spoke with Michael Hoinsky, owner of SWAG in Old Saybrook, CT. His store just scored a HUGE load of merchandise used in many Playboy photo shoots. If you’re in the area and you’d like anything from a wet-suit to a pair of crotchless underwear, get a hold of Michael. He’ll hook you up!

Food and wine expert Patty Harding stopped by to award tasty wines to our WHINE LINE winners. She also told us that “cougars” prefer to drink Rose, Chardonnay and Merlot. Now you know what to use to seduce those sugar-mamas, guys! Check out Patty’s food and wine pairings on her Working Woman’s Food blog.


Model Sandy Garza joined us for a sexy SKYPEnger hunt! Her challenges included wearing her clothing as a necklace, and showing us her best booty clap. The CLAP may need a little work, but her booty sure doesn’t. WOW!

And we introduced our new segment, Cooling Off With Hotties! Our lovely models Lindsey and Molly took the ASSicles challenge of sitting bare-assed on huge blocks of ice…and conquered it! Well done, ladies.