Wednesday 7/11/12

We spoke with two-time Playboy cover model and internet sensation, Cindy Margolis. She told us that she didn’t have an orgasm until age 40! Ummm…yikes. The upside is that she’s now invented a G-Spot vibrator to help please ALL women! Well done, Cindy! She also has a new TV show called “Beverly Hills Nannies” that premieres tonight at 9/8c on ABC Family. Check it out!

Big screen and stage star John Leguizamo also checked in. He told us that he was getting laid constantly in Junior High! That’s also when he started smoking weed. As he put it, “13 was a good year for me.” His one-man Broadway show has been turned into documentary, “Ghetto Klown.”

Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn joined us on the phone to discuss his sixth season that premiered last night. You can check out the show every Tuesday at 9/8 Central on truTV.

Power Hour:

Another Cooling Off With Hotties tip was revealed today! Sucking on a big stick and getting misted while laying out in your beach chair can be a very cooling technique. Alyssa and Britney gave a superb demonstration.

Ending the show with a very sexy round  of “Know It or Show It” was a hit with Amber SymSara Liz, Alyssa and Britney! Sara Liz even gave the audience a sneak peek  at her full bush! If you looked close enough there was something hidden in the hair…a Playboy Bunny!

One Response to “Wednesday 7/11/12”

  1. Lyle G. Says:

    Great bit on the TV show today. Keep the bits coming where girls have to reveal the p*ssy. Nothing better. And now you can actually see it, as the lighting in the studio seems much better. When a girl gets nude you can see it. And when is cable going to start carrying you in HD? Time Warner in NYC is stiil in SD.

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