The Playboy Morning Show

Monday 7/16/12

Today we kicked off DIVE BAR WEEK! Playboy scoured the country for the best bars and narrowed it down to a select few, including Earnestine & Hazel’s in Memphis, TN. The rumor is that Mick Jagger met the woman who inspired the song “Honky Tonk Women” at the bar. If you get there, make sure you check out their famous Soul Burger, and tell owner Russell we said “hello”! You can find the full list of  “America’s Best Bars” the July/August 2012 issue of Playboy.

We caught up with model Chloe Miranda who spent the weekend at Comic Con representing Playboy. She interviewed Gene Simmons, Stephen Moyer and many others. Chloe said there was plenty of flirting going on between her and legions of sexy geek girls – naturally. Just LOOK at her!

The Power Hour:

Chelsea Brooke gave us a final Five Day Filthy Forecast! Next week we will be casting for a new group of weather girls! Today’s Cooling off with Hotties tip was setting up a sexy Topless Lemonade Stand. Krystin and Nicky Nicole licked sugar of each other’s breasts! We ended today’s show by Filling Andrea’s Hole. 

One Response to “The Playboy Morning Show”

  1. Why are all the pictures posted by the morningshow team of such crappy, blurry, low-rez quality?? My smartphone takes pictures 100x better than these lame photos. You’re doing a disservice to the listeners with these piss-poor photos…

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