Tuesday 7/17/12

Talking to Jonah Falcon who was stopped and frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport on July 9 because of a bulging package hidden in his pants joined us on the phone for a better description. The 41-year-old New Yorker wasn’t packing a dirty bomb, drugs or a Costco-sized tube of toothpaste. The New Yorker has the world’s largest recorded penis! It’s 13.5 inches! WOW.

DIVE BAR WEEK: Bailey Smith, GM of R-Bar in New Orleans is named one of AMERICA’S BEST BARS 2012 by @Playboy. Get a haircut and a shot! We also  played a round of CraigsLUST where Kevin and Andrea try to score dates with people selling things on Craigslist! They both FAILED!

The Power Hour:

Checking in with extremely sexy Shantal Monique for a Sexy Scavenger Hunt through Skype was a total success! Her first assignment was to stuff 10 grapes into her mouth. Before she swallowed one on accident we got to see her show off a black one piece slingshot.

Cooling Off with Hotties tip: Super Soak that Hoe? How about using water guns to squirt Jillisa and Sherra’s chests in a see through wife beater? I think so!

Take Me Out, hosted by George Lopez, is a provocative and unpredictable new dating series on FOX. Based on the hugely successful international format,it’s  a fast-paced, dynamic new series featuring 30 single women searching for a match and several brave bachelors who must make the final first impression. In the mini mansion, sexy contestants Kelli, Kym, Nicole, Julia and Lisa stopped by.

We created our own version of “Take Me Out…. Of The Closet!” We tried to make a true Lesbian love connection.

2 Responses to “Tuesday 7/17/12”

  1. chip johnson Says:

    kevin, you have the best gig in the world! hands down!

  2. Caught the TV show today. These extended T&A segments that result in no one getting naked are just sleep inducing. It’s Playboy TV. It’s the year 2012. And yet you just did an hour long show with 7 hot broads in the studio, and not one gets nude. No one expects every girl in the studio to get fully naked, but 95% of the bits end up with, at most, a girl being topless. These bits essentially have no pay off. For example, that filthy forecaster bit is a big yawn. Have the girl fully nude and you’ve got a killer bit. The majority of the T&A segments (and let’s be honest, that’s why we’re watching) need build up to some full nudity. A situation where 9 out of every 10 bits results in just a top coming off is just pointless. It’s the friggin Playboy Channel. One expects to see naked chicks at least a good chunk of the time, not just topless chicks.

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