Wednesday 7/18/12

DIVE BAR WEEK continued as we spoke with Frank, the Co-Owner of Wally’s Café in Boston. Wally’s has helped hone the talents of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and several more. Next time you are visiting Boston try it out! Questions for Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe came flowing this morning. Stay tuned for more advice and answers next week! Heffy nominations were presented, and 91-year-old Mike Greenstein took the winning Heffy Award. Greenstein effortlessly dragged his 2006 Buick down 48th Street in New York City. The Mighty Atom Jr. takes it down! Congratulations, sir – you are Hef-tastic!

The Power Hour:

Starting off strong with our famous trivia game “Know it Or Show it” had Bella and Lindsey removing clothes instantly! Bella ditched her Daisy Dukes, while Lindsey tossed her bikini top off. For a quick Cooling Off with Hotties tip we had our two models give each other Aloe Vera massages. It’s a cooling sensation everybody needs.

One Response to “Wednesday 7/18/12”

  1. Jerry W. Says:

    Another 35 minute hot chick segment on the TV show today, that had the end result off seeing absolutely no one get naked. Thrilling.

    Does anyone realize that these bits need a payoff, that being the broads getting naked, otherwise they’re pointless?

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