Thursday 7/19/12

Happy 100th Episode of The Playboy Morning Show!  Thanks so much to our subscribers for watching!

We started off with DIVE BAR WEEK: Owned by a real boxer, Jimmy Glenn on Jimmy’s Corner, New York City spoke with us about his bar. His top shelf Vodka is Grey Goose! View more information on Jimmy in the July/August Playboy issue.  

Today was a DOUBLE Making’ Bacon, Kevin gave us the World’s Longest BLT, and Andrea gave us the Sqweel! The second Makin Bacon was a 100% ground bacon burger! It was delivered to us by hand all the way from Slater’s 50/50.

World’s Longest BLT


The Sqweel

Slater’s 50/50 Burger


MrSkin kicked things off with all the latest in celeb nudity. HOT!  If you are a big fan of Shark Tank, we recreated our own version of Bunny Tank today! Our panelists, Cindy Margolis and Playmates Kayla Collins and Kylie Johnson were our three judges for  Bunny Tank.

Inventor #1 Bonnie tells us about her product, while Allison models. Nice! more at

Inventor # 2 Next up was Lee with a cool new camera to make it more comfortable to shoot high-quality, sexy videos.  Danielle was the sexy camera girl. You can learn more about Lee’s invention at

Inventor #3 Veronica demonstrated her remote control ‘clit stimulator’  on Katrina!

 And last (and perhaps least), Irregular Ed Inventor # 4 and Heather gave us an Adult News Magazine!

We ended today with a celebration including cake and ice cream!!!!

One Response to “Thursday 7/19/12”

  1. Hello friends
    I drive truck and always at night while “most” are sleeping! Your show keeps my mind awake and I find myself laughing out loud with the ever so funny smart remarks!! Keep doing what your doing!

    Ps! Fuck Rex

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