Friday 7/20/12

We warmed up our phone lines this morning with Joel Stein! Read his new article “How Forty Became the New Twenty” in the new Playboy July/August issue page 32.

After nominating the FRIDAY AWARDS, we checked in with Terry Lyman for DIVE BAR WEEK. Terry is the General Manager of the Jack London Bar in Portland, Oregon. Check it out here.

A game of “Who Would You Do…Jennies?” was harder than we thought. Thank you to all the listeners who called in with a match-up of other women named Jenny/Jennie!


No stranger to The Morning Show, Brody Stevens stopped by the mini mansion with his latest projects. Brody was full of positive energy and entertainment today!

George’s Greek Truck gave us a few top menu dishes to TRUCK OUR FACE! Not only could Jaron not pronounce a single thing on the menu besides humus, Brody sure enjoyed the French fries! We love you Brody.

Pro Volleyball Player Jess Gysin also joined the mini mansion to show us how volleyball is really played. She will be playing this weekend in Hermosa Beach so go check her out! The show ended with two lovely models Kat Harter and Kyndall Ryder giving each other a topless cool whip bikini. That is your Cooling Off with Hotties tip of the day! Join us Monday for a new week of fun!

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