Monday 7/23/12

Starting off this morning, we discussed an article based on who wears the sexiest underwear in the country.  With Spanish women in the lead, at 99%, compared to a much meeker 79% in China, it has been confirmed Spanish women wear sexier underwear!


A round of Good Naked/ Bad Naked had the phone’s ringing with comments and complaints. We spoke with Tom Mulhall the Public Relations Director from the American Association for Nude Recreation about how the Olympic athletes used to compete naked. Tom is also the owner of the Terra Cotta Inn nude resort in Palm Springs, CA.


The Power Hour:

Kicking off the power hour, we combined our Cooling off with Hotties tip with Sex Myth Busters! Spicy foods, such as peppery foods are believed to naturally cool off your body temperature, but are those facts true?

Our two sexy models Samantha and Sarah sampled different types of spicy foods in their pallets. Andrea measured their high temperatures before their first taste of peppers, jalapeno’s and spicy sausages! It’s true the girls had a lower temp after the first round. Samantha was measured at an 87.5 and Sarah with a 93.5 body temperature. Who knew!


One Response to “Monday 7/23/12”

  1. Jerry stafford Says:

    I love you guys show. You all are fucking awesome. Keep up the great work.

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