Wednesday 7/25/12

Yesterday we had a request to have Playmate Shelby Chesnes surprise Robbie with a Playmate Wake Up Call. Listening in this morning, we found out that Robbie was standing between his Wife and Father in law the whole time! He didn’t know what to do or say!

Mandi Mckee joined us on the phone, and said that taking Propecia turned her-formally ‘him’ into a woman. He claims the pills, which he took once a day for nine months radically changed the hormonal balance of his body and he now is now considering a full sex change.

Sherman Hemsley, widely known for his role as George Jefferson in the long-running ‘The Jefferson’s’ sitcom recently passed away. Our very own Andrea Lowell dug up her old photo with him when she sang background vocals for him years ago.  

After Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe shared his advice we got into our PLAYBAY item of the day! Frank is selling a Playboy Rabbit– tell him we sent you!


The Power Hour:

Playwalking with a Playmate, earthquake comments and Know it or Show it filled our power hour.  Evelyn and Misty answered what they could to their best knowledge until they were helping each other undress! Not only was Know it or Show it a success, we also got a Booty shot!

One Response to “Wednesday 7/25/12”

  1. NIce bit on the TV show today. Only problem was your camera dude missed the money shot.

    So we viewers are watching “know it or show it” for 30 minutes eagerly awaiting the “money shot”, when the broad reveals the pussy. As she dropped her bottom we only partially see it as she sits right back down. But when she stands up again to show her fully nude self, the camera cuts to a close-up of her but ABOVE THE CROTCH, and instead of panning down to show what everyone was waiting to see (pussy), it just continues panning up to a shot of her face. End of show. That was it. A thirty minute bit where everyone was waiting for that sweet close-up of the pussy, and whoever controls the camera missed the shot.

    Word of advice: have the girl get nude sooner. You’re leaving a 30 second window to show the girl nude and if the shot gets missed, well, it’s the end of the show. Also more bits based on broads showing the pussy. Those are the best. And finally, when the pussy is revealed, get some damn close-ups of it.

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